the extra portion of toxins in 'organic' salmon

save bantry bay“Organic salmon” sold in U.S. markets and restaurants is coming from Canada, Ireland, Scotland, and Chile where foreign certification bodies have announced their own ‘organic’ standards for farmed salmon despite the fact that there are no internationally agreed upon standards in place. Often, the standards used by these foreign certifiers differ significantly from what many American consumers associate with the USDA organic label.

In this study [ Environ. Sci. Technol. 2006, 40, 5347-5354] the highest concentrations of PCBs, dioxin-like PCBs, and DDT were found in organically farmed Norwegian salmon. These observations suggest that purchasing higher priced organically farmed salmon does not necessarily protect the consumer from toxic exposure. Source: Pure Salmon Campaign

One thought on “the extra portion of toxins in 'organic' salmon

  1. I have myself done in the past a big scale project for fish production in closed containment systems with biological cleaning of the water in recirculation and reusing the waist. In fact that is the only right solution but need a higher investment. However the main costs are also the food and a big scale Salmon farm must strongly save on food costs and will use a lot of poisonous medicines to reduce parasites and diseases.

    I don’t know exactly the composition of there fish food and where those big amounts come from. But I have the feeling that this will be the same as at every other big agricultural places. They probably will use food as cheaply as possible being made on big scale from Genetic Manipulated (GM) Corn and or Soya including medicines to fight parasites. This will come on big scale in the food chain and producing in fact GM Salmon and for sure not “organic” but poisoned by very bad chemical medicines.

    John Brendan O’Keeffe wrote already about the problems of antibiotic, chemicals and medicines used in Salmon Farms. In fact it is a whole list of them. Marine Harvest says in its brochure that they reduce strongly the use of them because they vaccinate all fish. Unfortunately this is not the whole story!!! Beside the fact that people cannot be happy about the tremendous amounts of the mentioned used vaccines from Big Pharma coming in the food chain with those mass vaccinations, they do not prevent the necessity use of other antibiotic, chemicals and medicines. This for several reasons!!

    First: because there exist no vaccine against parasites like the big problem of sea lice!!!

    Second: Vaccines are only effective against a certain selection of bacterial pathogens/diseases. For example there are no vaccines available effective working against the following big number of parasitic diseases: Amoebae, Flagellates as Ichthyobodo spp , Ciliates 3 sorts of them, Microsporidia as Nucleospora Salmonis, Myxosporeans as Myxobolus cerebralis – Tetracapsula bryosalmanae – Kudea Thyrsites, Monogeneans as Gyrodactylus spp. and Dactylogyrus spp., Cestodes as Eubothrium, Crustaceans as Lepeophtheirus Salmonis.

    Third: vaccines are less effective against viral diseases!!!

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