Residents critical about lack of participation

A grave concern relates to the lack of public participation in the consultation process for the proposed salmon farm. While local organisations were contacted local residents were not — excluding all residents of Roosk directly above the proposed site. Not a single house in Roosk which lies within 700m of the proposed cages, was contacted during the consultation period. This does not follow best practice in planning procedures, and ignores the public participation objective of the Bantry Bay Charter ‘to achieve appropriate local participation in the ongoing management and development of the Bantry Bay coastal zone’. We ask that a proper public consultation process go ahead, one which includes views of those who will be living in the immediate vicinity of the proposed fish farm, prior to any further consideration of the proposal. Should the salmon farm be approved, partly because local views and opinions were not deemed worth consideration, it will certainly affect our desire to spend time in the area. Many others will no doubt feel the same, further affecting the local economy and community. (Written by a resident of Roosk, Trafrask, Adrigole)

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