SOS – save our seals

save bantry bay

The many pollutants from the proposed salmon farm at Shot head would not only affect the health of all the inhabitants along the shores of Bantry Bay but also one of the major attractions in Glengarriff Harbour. The unique seal colony will most probably not tolerate the new levels of toxins, antibiotics, PCBs and all the many non bio-degradable chemicals which are needed to grow 3.5 million kilos of obese salmons in a very short time. Boat trips around the islets between Glengarriff and Garinish Island attract more than 50.000 visitors per year. If it’s not about visiting the famous island people take the boats to be entertained by the funny mamals. Probably 95% of all the tourists who come to Glengarriff will bring home lots of photographs and lovely memories from their close encounters with the seals.

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