Did you know: Salmon Farm Facts (1)

The proposed industrial fish farm at Trafrask, Adrigole, involves the installation of a series of 12 giant circular cages about 128 metres in circumference, 12 in number, occupying a seabed area of 106 acres ( 42.4 ha) equivalent to. The cages would be serviced by a permanently installed industrial barge. The feed barge height is 8.1 metres above waterline loaded, and 9.2metres in height unloaded, and it will be lit at night by underwater lighting. Diesel generators would run day and night, there would be underwater lighting in winter and probably the operators propose to apply for a licence to shoot the local seals as practiced in Scotland?


Bantry Bay is a totally unsuitable location to develop a large-scale salmon farm. Long time ago Bantry Bay was famous for all kind of fish and others like crabs, lobsters, scallops and an abundance of other marine life. This was drasticly ended by a disaster with the oil terminal which killed many people and nearly all marine live in the bay and created big damage to the total environment. Since then the balanced natural environment was carefully built up and is reaching a good state for seals and the mussel-industry as well as for fishing on fish as mackerel. Recovery is endangered by the industrial scale Salmon Farm in Bantry Bay.


Roughly 10 years ago the mussel industry, economically important to many people in the bay area, was in real danger because of using blue barrels from Scotland. Those barrels had been used before for the transport of poisonous formaldehyde. Most of the barrels still had such formaldehyde in it which was leaked into the bay and taken by the mussels. Finally the regulation about using barrels was changed and the mussel industry survived this crisis. Now the mussel industry is on the brink to be heavily damaged by this big scale Salmon Farm as experienced in many other places around the world. The mussels will take in the poisonous medicines against sea lice and will not be consumable anymore. In the worst case they will die.

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6 thoughts on “Did you know: Salmon Farm Facts (1)

  1. Our first simple objection: It is absolutely unacceptable for US – the Irish people – that the Government (after brought to bankruptcy by a bail out of the Banking-Mafia) now (forced by the same and hiding behind a EU-dictatorship) force the Irish people to invest in renewing their septic tanks to reduce the pollution in the bay and sea. This is absolutely hypocrite where the same Government seems to consider and allow a Big Salmon Farm and Big Pharma pollution in the same Bay and Sea by tremendous continues amounts of dropping poop containing poisonous chemicals, medicines, pathogens and so on equivalent of the facial waist of a city with more then 50,000 inhabitants. This in a Bantry Bay which is already heavy polluted by waist of the oil ships and the ships for the quarry. The proposal of a giant Salmon Fish Farm from Marine Harvest is very bad and is a simple parasitic plan for making quick money with a relative low investment. As every household and every farmer they should be forced to invest in cleaning and composting the tremendous continuous amount of poop !!! instead of dropping it into the Bay and Sea!!! If a farmer with 50,000 cows (or pigs or chicken) did the same dropping of the faces of the cows into the bay or sea, do you think the government would allow that ???

  2. Impact on the Wild Salmon: Wild salmon in Ireland are part of our national identity and Ireland has been one of the largest producers of wild salmon in the North Atlantic. In other countries it is already proven that such giant Salmon Farms are deadly for the Wild Salmon stock. Wild Salmon is for Ireland a priority. For sure now it is a given fact that the number of Wild Salmon is already strongly reduced. See: http://www.fishinginireland.info/pdf/salmonman08.pdf It is a choice one or the other. Wild Salmon and a healthy tourist and ecological environment with places for other cultures as fishery and mussel-production or a giant Salmon Farm destroying the area, nature and the country just for creating 2 man employment.

  3. Marine Harvest has been criticized for destroying a large part of the weir Murray’s Cauld on the Ettrick Water in Selkirk, Scotland, through what has been claimed to be inaction. The company sold its nearby fish farm to a local businessman for £1 in July 2008, who has since been given permission to commence repair work on the weir. Marine Harvest’s operations have been severely affected in the south of Chile, where millions of fish have died by the disease infectious salmon anemia.

    The rapid propagation of the virus has motivated the enterprise to sell some of its facilities, firing more than a thousand employees, with the aim of translating its installations further south to the Aisén Region. Parasitic, viral and fungal infections are all disseminated when the fish are stressed and the centres are too close together, and a spokesman for Marine Harvest recognized that his company was using too many antibiotics in Chile and that fish pens were too close, contributing to the dissemination of the ISA virus. Norwegian scientist Are Nylund has suggested that Marine Harvest introduced the ISA virus to the region by importing infected eggs from Norway.

  4. A big investor retracted using the following arguments: Marine Harvest sounds like a great investment but the sea lice problem concerns me. Reports I have read seem to indicate that sea lice decimated the Chilean salmon farms, have been an ongoing problem in Norway for years to the point where Norwegian regulations have been instituted that may severely constrain the ability to expand operations there, and have raised serious concerns related to salmon farms in Scotland.
    Sea lice appear to have developed resistance to chemicals that were used to control their population. I understand salmon farms have developed new techniques to battle sea lice, including the use of wrasse, which are fish that eat the lice off the salmon, but there seems to be a lot of concern surrounding these farms.
    I admit I am not an expert about salmon husbandry but, because of the sea lice problem, I am hesitant to invest in Marine Harvest.

  5. And see following message of me at: http://www.petitionbuzz.com/petitions/savethebaysofharris?fb_comment_id=fbc_10150340245944011_19287220_10150340247309011#f1260cb84ed6662
    by Dennis Reid

    Fish farms use the same tactics around the world. Norway has had ISA, for instance, since the Norwegian fish farms developed it in 1984 and then taken it around the world where they set up shop. They suffered a $2 billion loss in Chile, with 13,000 workers losing their jobs and with 63 deaths!!!

    Typically, after some time employment declines as lights and feeding machines are installed to replace workers. See: http://fishfarmnews.blogspot.com/2011/10/key-document-fish-farm-tactics.html , and see an article on how fish farms dealt with a Science article in Scotland.

    You may find that you no longer find interest in Norwegian derivative fish farms. Please educate yourselves.
    Go to: fishfarmnews.blogspot.com and read the entries. They are for people who are concerned about fish farming around the world. There are data and links to inform yourself and draw your own conclusions.

  6. The Solution: As already said else where, the only serious and sustainable solution to keep a healthy area and country as well Wild Salmon and a big scale Salmon Production in Salmon Farms is to produce this cultivated Salmon in Closed containment systems (see http://www.farmedanddangerous.org/solutions/ ) and the recycling of all the tremendous amounts of the water, sewage and waist!!! Why should Ireland take a very big risk and destroy the environment, mussel- and fishery-industry, the Wild Salmon as well the very important Tourist-industry with a giant Salmon Farm just creating 2 workplaces ???
    The solution due to all the mentioned bad experience is already there in Canada British Columbia and elsewhere in Scorlan, Chili and China. Read the very interesting website from BC and their solid documentation at http://www.farmedanddangerous.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/08_05_Closed_System_Aquaculture_summary.pdf as a summary of 4 pages and/or the complete documentation of 81 pages at: http://www.farmedanddangerous.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/ClosedSystemAqua-FINAL.pdf Believe me and I can say that from my own experience in the past, such systems are the only sustainable solution. If Marine Harvest is serious they better invest in such sustainable systems which also delivers much more economical advantages for Ireland. OK, it is a higher investment but delivers an acceptable ecological long term solution instead of a short term big quick money solution while destroying the country and the people’s existence.
    Again: Why should de Irish people and all farmers be forced to bring their septic-tanks on the newest level to reduce the pollution into the Bay and Sea if a firm like Marine Harvest is allowed to pollute the area and sea with a pollution of their giant Salmon Farm equivalent of a city of 50,000 and more inhabitants by dropping all Salmon poop and all the poisons into the Bay and Sea ??? This will be a shame for Ireland.

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