1oo attend successful first meeting in Adrigole

A good crowd of 100 people attended the first information meeting in Adrigole´s Caha Center last night. Depite the (finally called off) rugby match many concerned people of Adrigole, Glengarriff and the wider Bantry Bay area gathered Saturday night to discuss the proposal for a salmon farm at Shot Head, Trafrask, Adrigole. This is a large development that will have a significant impact on this relatively unspoilt area.

Chaired by Kieran O`Shea the meeting discussed the many downsides of a huge 12-to-14-cage salmon farm at Trafrask and asked for the benefits. Local fishermen, salmon anglers, residents and scientists voiced their strong concerns for social and environmental reasons. 2 out of 30 contributions during the meeting were made in favour of a salmon farm. The lack of participation and information disregarding the local community was critizised. By far the most attendees signed a petition to the Department of the Marine to hold a meeting and inform the local community prio to any decision. (Detailed article to follow).

Specials thanks to the Community Center in Adrigole to make this meeting possible.

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