Send Your petition to the Minister

You can now support the case against a huge new salmon farm at Shot Head, Trafrask, Bantry Bay: Send a Petition directly to the Minister of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney. Say no to the salmon farm and ask the Minister for a public meeting before any decision is made.  Send Petition here.

One more thing: Important meeting Sat. 11th Feb 8pm @ Adrigole Community Hall. You cannot help Ireland to beat France. But you can definitely help protecting Bantry Bay.

2 thoughts on “Send Your petition to the Minister

  1. Fisheaters as well as vegetarians should care about the state of the waters of Bantry Bay – they are not as pristine as sometimes thought and they must not – under any circumstances – become even more polluted. What is worse: fish droppings by tons, heavy metalls, antibiotics? All of those must be kept out of Bantry Bay!

  2. Why does the Norwegian Gov. allow their listed Co. Marine Harvest to export diseased salmon around the world. The Norwegian Gov. would not allow diseased Irish cattle etc. into Norway. MH are washing these diseased salmon in a toxic coctail in ship wells and dumping the wash water in Bantry Bay (for 6-8 weeks). MH will export them as “organic” under the Irish green label with the blessing of BIM.
    The Norwegian Ambassadors in Ireland need to disclose to the Irish people what they know about John Fredricksen, owner of Marine Harvest and Frontline Oil. Google “US sues oil traders for 2008 manipulation. Reuthers News and Insight.” The Norwegian Embassy needs to tell us the disease MH is dealing with presently. If they do not know they should, as it probably came from Norway. Documents and records please.

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