Reminder: Deadline for objections is today

Objections against proposed salmon farm at Shot Head, Adrigole, must be sent to the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine in Clonakilty by today evening, Monday 13th. They can be sent by email to John A Kelly of the Department. John´s email adress is:

You can further ask the Minister for proper participation and for stopping the harmful project by sending a petition (no deadline on this!). You can send the petition proposed on this website ( click here ) or you can choose your own wording.

Fiona and Clive delivered the following petition to Minister Simon Coveney ( ) voicing their concerns and asking for a public meeting.

“Dear Minister,

The people of Bantry Bay have learned at the last moment that Marine Harvest has applied for an aquaculture licence for a twelve cage salmon farm at Shot Head, Adrigole, Bantry Bay.  At a meeting held last night in Adrigole, attended by 100+ residents, it transpired that very few people were aware of notification in the press and of the deadline for representation and submission of concerns of 13th February 2012.  Consequently, we feel helpless and left outside the democratic process.  The residents in this area of outstanding natural beauty have invested time and money making their guesthouses and businesses attractive to tourists, visitors and relatives, and we all have an interest in supporting sustainable jobs in this area.  However, from researching the situations at Marine Harvest’s other aquaculture sites around the world, granting their application for a similar fish farm in Bantry Bay will do just the opposite of creating jobs.

We are very concerned about the environmental effects of fish farming and have read many reports that illustrate how fish farming is detrimental to the environment.  It is our understanding that, due to serious concerns about disease in farmed fish spreading to wild fish, the Government of Canada has imposed a moratorium in British Columbia on any further granting of licences until these serious issues have been investigated and understood.  Surely, Minister,  it would be wise for Ireland to do the same.  We also read that Marine Harvest has recently left Chilean waters in a very polluted state and we should not allow the same to happen here.

We would ask for an abeyance of the granting of this licence to Marine Harvest, and the implementation of a proper consultation process, starting with an urgent public meeting to involve ALL parties which would be affected by this proposed project.”

Fiona an Clive also sent us these links to an intersting video. Please have a look:

Alexandra Morton’s Salmon Fight

New York Times Article

2 thoughts on “Reminder: Deadline for objections is today

  1. Dear Minister,

    Our Bantry Bay is polluted enough, enough, enough !

    Please stop this Marin Harvest Salmon Project. Otherwise we sell our houses and move away.

    With kind regards –

    Bodo J. Baginski, Ute Hackmann.

  2. You got our full support.
    John A. Kelly has just acknowledge our objection.

    Good luck with your cause and petition.
    We had years of struggle to stop netting of wild salmon at the river mouth of the Blackwater.

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