Best Battle Cry: Win "Salmonopoly – the DVD"

Trafrask ireland No Salmon FarmProtest against proposed Salmon Farm at Shot Head, Adrigole, is well on the way now. It´s a serious answer to a most serious problem. But who says raising your voice has to be merely fun free and deadly serious? Send us your funny slogan, a sound bite, the best battle cry, a smart motto for “No Salmon Farm in Bantry Bay”. Win the eye-opening DVD “Salmonopoly – the truth about big business salmon farming” for the best slogan:

Brendan suggested the following: 

 1. Trafrask, Adrigole is not the end of the line.

2. Expectant Mothers Beware…of farmed salmon !

3. For Bar Rooms:

Dyed..Doused..and Loused.

Keep the flousies out.

Stop Salmon Farm in Adrigole.

4. Put the Evil Twin right in the bin.

Or what about:

No S**t Hole at Shot Head

Send  us your own:

12 thoughts on “Best Battle Cry: Win "Salmonopoly – the DVD"

  1. No to big fish in small ponds.

    They’re fish, but they’re foul.

    It will be fish in troubled troubled waters.

    Soon there won’t be plenty more salmon in the sea.

    It’s better to farm fish out of water – use land based solid cages!

  2. Salmon of Knowledge rather than doubtful salmon!

    Salmon of Wisdom rather than Salmon of Madness…

    I love Chloe’s suggestion of “They’re fish – but they’re foul”!

  3. Juste a note of caution, though:

    On February 9th, there was a report that anti-fish farm activist Don Staniford was to be deported to Britain days after the conclusion of a 20-day defamation case in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver launched by Mainstream Canada, the province’s second- largest salmon farming company (a subsidiary of the Norwegian company Cermaq). The lawsuit centres on a graphic campaign comparing salmon farming to smoking. Mainstream is seeking a permanent injunction preventing Staniford from writing, printing or broadcasting criticisms of the company!

    • The reason Don is being deported is because his visa has expired. His deportation has nothing to do with the defamation case taken against him.

      • There remains the fact that a defamation case was brought against him for claiming that ‘Salmon Farming Causes Disease’… though his campaign was rather colourful!

      • Let´s face it: Life is risky at times and our opponents are of the most powerful kind. This is a too important case though to pause on the safe side.

    • Damian – I do have email addresses and phone numbers, but don’t know what yours is to send it. Find me on facebook (I’m the only Chloe Neild) and then I can send you the stuff you need.

  4. Fiona sent us a couple off the top of her head:

    “Scale down fish farming”

    “Fish farming – a net loss”

    Thank you, Fiona!

  5. What’s the catch? (I’ll leave the next bit open – feel free to add!).

    Beara’s feeling green around the gills.

    And then, none got away.

    It’s a dead cert for a dead sea.

    Salmon – born to be wild.

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