Read This: Support from Canada

Think about this for a minute, please. This lady has to tell us something.

Alexandra Morton from Canada writes:

“I have been fighting off the invasion of Norwegian salmon feedlots for twenty years and mostly losing! Marine Harvest put farms where local people, including the First Nations asked them not to. Government promised to protect these areas and did not. The fish farmers made arrangements with environmental groups and then got these groups to support making the feedlots even bigger.

Now we are finding ISA virus in our wild salmon, the fish farmers say it did not come from them, but they won’t let anyone but the level of government that put them here, test their fish. More and more people in Canada are fighting this industry on both coasts. There is a petition from a group in Nova Scotia fighting off 11 new farms:  open petition

There are over 3,000 of us on the Salmon Are Sacred facebook page, our website is I am a biologist and have co-published many papers on sea lice from salmon feedlots, also on how the industry displaced the northern resident killer whales. I have taken the industry to court several times and led 5,000 people to the legislature in Victoria, British Columbia. But the industry remains even as the price of the product falls to near cost.

I write a blog on events here: let me know if I can help you.”

alexandra morton


4 thoughts on “Read This: Support from Canada

  1. I found a video about Alexandra’s work and I just think it is wonderful that this beautiful, caring human being has offered us her support.

    Thank you Alexandra.

    Kind regards

  2. thank you for your support, alexandra. your experience might be of help to those who are still naively hoping for those two to six new jobs which were promised by the norwegians. nobody who hasn’t experienced the devastation of farmed animals/fishes can imagine how the long-term pollution might look like in five or ten years from now. the local population is of course very vulnerable during those horrible times of recession and unemployment. there is no hope at the horizon. but the sight of fourteen, fifteen, sixteen fish farms at the horizon (and the pollution below the water) is no hope for the future of our children either. thank you for the eye opener!

  3. great!! all of you, especially the founders of this and the other blog to salmon issue and the campaigns! don give up and keep on being courageous as before!!
    be blessed, marta

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