Shot Head — Best of Ireland´s Scenery

What are we talking about when we talk about Shot Head, Trafrask, Adrigole on the Beara Peinsula? Just another site for just another polluting salmon farm in Bantry Bay? Marcus walked the headland this week and sent these photos of a magical place. Shot Head, let us protect it with all the positive energy we have got.

Best of the best scenery Ireland has to offer today.

Isn´t it lovely out there?

5 thoughts on “Shot Head — Best of Ireland´s Scenery

  1. It’s amazing how we only realize how blessed we really are when there is a threat of losing something we discover is very precious. This is such a unique place and most of us had so far probably taken it for granted. Thanks Markus for the great pictures and for opening our eyes to its awesome beauty. Are those caves I see on one of the pictures?

  2. a friend of mine brings up to 100 people from the continent for walks and swims into this very area (and the area around the Buddhist retreat) every year. with no amazing views anymore and polluted water everywhere not only those tourists will choose other destinations. it’s specifically this reason why lots of people come to see the beara peninsula: the unspoilt landscape and seascape, peace and tranquility. ugliness, dirt, noise and stress can be found in so many places completely for free, no need to take a plane to cork or farranfore. 100 people less to go to shops, to eat in restaurants, to have a pint in local pubs, to enjoy a sea safari etc. if word spreads over the years it will be 1000 less tourists, 10.000 less, 100.000 less. for six lousy new jobs! hard to believe.

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