Salmon Farm: Local Fishermen would be the Loosers

With regards to the Fishing Industry in Bantry Bay, the creation of a Salmon Farm at Shot Head or any part of Bantry Bay would have disastrous consequences for the Local Fishing Community. Local Boats fish the area where the proposed site is and many of the fishing boats have two to three crew members onboard. If the Salmon Farm is allowed to go at Shot Head it will mean that the fishing boats will be unable to fish for the Shell fish such as Shrimps, Prawns, Crabs, Lobsters,etc that they have fished at these fishing grounds for generations. In time with the pollution caused by the Salmon Farm these Shell fish will become extent from the sea bed underneath the farm. It makes no since and saddens many members of the Local fishing Community to hear that there Lively Hoods are being jeopardized for the creation of a possibe two to six jobs at the new Salmon Farm.Down through the years Fishermen in the Locality have objected to other farms in the Bay, but never once got a hearing.  But no more, Fishermen have been ignored for too long and have seen there fishing grounds being reduced and reduced with the creation of new farms, they have to act further on the matter before there lively hoods are destroyed completely. (This paragraph is written by a local fisherman)

3 thoughts on “Salmon Farm: Local Fishermen would be the Loosers

  1. I hope the local fishermen won’t lose their livelihood just because of the greed of an internationally operating gigantic octopus which leaves it’s foraging grounds empty of food but full of waste.

  2. If this were to be sanctioned, politically it would serve to highlight the glaringly obvious ‘blind spot’ in government policy consistant with the ‘nonsenses’ that came to pass under the auspices of those of the previous govt. elect!
    Those currently in power have an INCREDIBLE opportunity to prove to the people of Ireland that ‘Profit’ no longer supersedes ‘Community’;
    That people and their oppinion actually matter!!!!
    By opposing this scientifically undeniable ‘short term gain’ scheme our govt. have a chance to represent those who have entrusted IT to represent them.

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