Today: Demonstration in Bantry

No salmon farm at Shot Head, Adrigole: The Bantry Harbour Commissioners are to hold their monthly meeting today, Monday (20th Feb, 6:15 pm). Let´s make use of  the opportunity and hold a demonstration of as many as possible of interested persons outside the offices on the night. We meet at 5:45 pm in the Square next to the Tourism Information. Bring posters and placards.

The various negative aspects of a proposed industrial salmon farm on the environment, health, tourism, loss of jobs by guest houses, toxins in the water column and especially the dangerous ISA virus and its consequences will be highlighted.

Our request: A meeting with the Chairman Michael Hennebry prior to the meeting, and a meeting with the environmental committee. We will hand a letter, including a copy of the DVD Salmonopoly, to the Chairman outlying the views of Save Bantry Bay.

EVERYBODY COUNTS. Bring family and friends. Let´s voice our concern. Let´s protect Bantry Bay and our future. Today Monday, 5:45 pm The Square. Wolfe Tone will be proud of us!

6 thoughts on “Today: Demonstration in Bantry

  1. Marine Harvest and others claim fish-farming is necessary due to overfishing our oceans. But they will drag out of the seas up to 3 kilograms of young fish to “produce” 1 kG of farmed fish. Any “pro” for fish-farming is money in the finance-markets.

  2. Sadly we are back with a government like the previous one….. prior to the election, there were so many promises of what a new government would do and once they were in, these promises are being either conveniently forgotton, reversed or ignored… The whole situation around the proposed new salmon farm in the Bay again, sadly highlights this position as does the continued new taxes and proposed taxes coming on stream for the middle earners. FG are no different!!!! I voted them in, that was my error but I will join the fight to keep Bantry Bay free of any Marine Harvest site at Shot Head.

  3. If the going gets tough, the tough get going! Don’t stop – don’t give up! If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again…..
    Meggie Mohr

  4. I wish to lend my support of this protest. I totally agree that this plan would be dangerous to the existing sea life and it would not add employment benefit for the area. This would only bring negative results. Please , do not let this or any salmon farm come to the coast of Ireland. Mary Hulsizer. Blake house, adrigole, beara

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