Bantry Harbour Commissioners to object to proposed new salmon farm in Bantry Bay

Save Bantry Bay

The Southern Star, 23 Feb 2012:

“BANTRY Harbour Commissioners will formally object to the proposed new salmon farm for Bantry Bay.
After a meeting with representatives of the Save Bantry Bay committee, the members of the Board voted to object to the proposed construction of a 300-acre salmon farm at Shot Head.
‘With the information we have to hand, the Bantry Harbour Commissioners will be objecting to the proposed fish farm as it stands,’ Harbour Commissioners chairman Michael Hennebry said. Protesters gathered in Bantry this week to voice their concerns at the plans for the new salmon farm at Shot Head and to deliver a letter to the members of the Bantry Bay Harbour Commissioners. Chairman of the Save Bantry Bay committee and local Adrigole fisherman, Kieran O’Shea, presented the letter, which was signed by community leaders and representatives from local organisations and clubs, to the Harbour Commissioners chairman. ‘Firstly, we’re not against jobs. Employment is a top priority for the country but we don’t want to create just two jobs, which would lead to a reduction in the number of people already fishing in this area. This proposed fish farm will cost jobs in the long run and will cause untold damage to the environment in Bantry Bay.” ….

Read more in this weeks edition: The Southern Star

3 thoughts on “Bantry Harbour Commissioners to object to proposed new salmon farm in Bantry Bay

  1. What is TD Noel Harrington thinking? He is concerned that employment opportunities for the area are now at risk and supports this fish farm proposal, yet at the same time he states that “we must make sure that any new salmon farm will not impact on local fishermen and other jobs in the area that rely on the waters of Bantry Bay”. The two propositions are mutually contradictory and incompatible and his argument is not logical. Is that what he gets paid a huge salary and obscene expenses for?

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