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Save Bantry BayNo idea what to cook for this first lent Friday? What about a delicious seasoned salmon fresh from Bantry Bay?! Mouthwatering? Feel free to google some of the exotic condiments before you serve your culinarymaster piece to children, pregnant and breast feeding women (click pic to enlarge).

7 thoughts on “catch of the day

  1. Hopefully, befor cooking, you dunked it in emamectin benzoate. I also would recommend, to add some Auqui S. And finally, as decoration, some of Lepeophtheirus salmonis on top.
    Guten Appetit!

  2. The joys of being a vegetarian… Though some (part-time) vegetarians would occasionally consider supplementing their diet with fish, of all things! Bon appétit!

  3. Margaret says:
    It is irresponsible of our Government to grant a licence to Marine Harvest to produce and marked these drug fuelled aliens under the organic Irish green label!

    Shouldn’t they have a health warning!

    In view of all the scientific evidence it is obvious these farms have no long term future and will eventually be abandoned in favour of closed containers. By then our coastline will be contaminated and the food chain irreplaceable.

    Where are our local elected representatives whose duty it is to support local issues?
    It seems they are cosying up to the Corporates, whose only interest is keeping their shareholders happy. It begs the question ‘what’s in it for them’?


    • Politicians seem to place the interests of foreign or multinational corporations (whose main concern is the bottom line and the happiness of their shareholders) before the interests of their own people – of those who elected them.

      Such corporations have the financial means to put pressure on the opposition, to deploy an effective propaganda machine and to purchase support, e.g. by sponsoring events and festivals or providing prizes for competitions… Whereas the electorate’s only means of action is to “sack” such politicians by not re-electing them at the end of their term, but the politicians won’t care since they will be given a huge pension regardless of their competence or performance.

      This forum, however, is not the place for ranting against politicians – we should rather think of developing commercial solutions that will provide good, healthy food for people and sustainable jobs within the community, without destroying the environment and thus our own future.

      A possible alternative has been outlined elsewhere on this site, with the use of landlocked closed/contained systems… We have the talent and local expertise and don’t need to relinquish all power to uncaring corporations using outdated technologies like open cages.

  4. From INVERNESS, SCOTLAND. July 2011. “Fish Vet Group (FVG) has announced the expansion of its aquaculture health services […]. In addition to providing expert advice on use of its core products Salmosan and Virasure, FVG’s vets and scientists will provide independent, global aquaculture knowledge, and expertise in the areas of health, clinical, environmental and auditing services […].” Although vets provide a valuable service, also in controlling that farmed food is fit for human consumption, I guess they also fulfill other functions and I’m thus not sure that I find this particular announcement reassuring!

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