Tsunami of Sea Lice and Pollution

Federation of Irish Salmon & Seatrout Anglers pass motion: At the National Inland Fisheries Forum  meeting in Silver Springs hotel tivoli Cork city last Wednesday night we (anglers lobby) succeeded in raising and getting a motion passed against the unbridled developments planned by minister coveney via bim who  have up to ten similar projects from Gola, Clare, Aran, to Bantry. In fairness to inland fisheries ireland, their press relese support the wild fish habitat  and oppose this threat.  This tsunami of sealice and pollution must be stopped unless closed containment is In operation. We are mounting a strong opposition to this ill thought out waste of resources. Fissta members will hopefully attend Your meeting to send a clear message to this government that our 10,000 members on 93 rivers will fight it along with our 7m. anglers in EAA eu anglers alliace we are affiliated to in 17 Eu countries with hq in brussells. Good luck with the meeting.
Sent from the desk of  Noel Carr Secretary FISSTA

Federation of Irish Salmon & Seatrout Anglers.

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