Senator O’ Donovan: In Reverse Gear?

Bantry based Senator Denis O’ Donovan (FF) has been seen as the first supporter of the proposed Marine Harvest salmon farm at Shot Head, Adrigole.  SAVE BANTRY BAY contacted Senator O`Donovan and asked him to explain his views to the electorate: 

You have been quoted in the Southern Star as follows:

 “Locally, the Fianna Fáil Senator, Denis O’Donovan, welcomed the initiative saying: ‘I have always supported the aquaculture and mariculture industry provided it complies with the best practice and does not impede the traditional rights of inshore fishermen. Having met with representatives of the company on Tuesday,’ the Senator said. ‘I am satisfied that this initiative will bring jobs to the Beara peninsula, which in these difficult times is most welcome.”
Obviously the initiative impedes the traditional rights of inshore fishermen as heard on Saturday´s meeting in Adrigole.
Obviously Marine Harvest is well known as a company that has damaged the environment badly in a number oy bays, as freely accessible sources show proof. 
Obviously 6 short-term and/or 2 long term jobs will be created but many more destroyed in the local fishing community, in tourism and shellfish farming.
May we kindly ask you to explain the electorate in Bantry Bay why you promote this project even at this early stage and where the benefit for the people lies? We would like to publish your statement on the website.
This is Senator O’ Donovan´s answer: 

Thank you for your e mail and my apologies for the delay in getting back to you.  I wish to advise you of the following:

1.  I did not contact the Southern Star, they contacted me for a general comment.
2.  I was requested to provide a written letter in support of the proposal to attach to the application to be sent to the Department but I refused to do provide this as I felt it would be undue political interference.
3.  I have had a number of discussions with Bantry Harbour Board about their concerns and also have been made aware of the concerns of Conoco Phillips in relation to the SPM facility.
4.  I am acutely conscious of the rights of fishermen to express their concerns and to object to any fish farming proposals.
5.  I have also spoken to Minister Coveney with regard to the proposal.
6.  Finally, you should be aware that it is the present Government’s policy to promote aquaculture and mariculture in conjunction with BIM.

In conclusion, I hope my remarks were balanced and fair.

2 thoughts on “Senator O’ Donovan: In Reverse Gear?

  1. I naively thought that the Government’s policy would be imbued by the people’s desires and would reflect the public’s wishes… isn’t that’s how resp. why politicians are elected, the whole point of their existence? In view of the broad opposition against the mad development of aquaculture in Bantry Bay and in many other places, perhaps Senator Denis O Donovan and other politicians of that ilk should try to keep more in touch with their electorate?

    • Further evidence, as if we needed it, that the Govt’s of the world work for the multinationals and big banks 😦

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