Scoping Document for the proposed Onshore Fish Farm

We publish here the letter and Scoping Document for the proposed onshore fish farm near Bantry, Co Cork.
Dear Sir/Madam,
We are writing to you in relation to plans to develop an onshore closed containment fish farm near Bantry , Co Cork. The farm is to be located on the southern shore of Bantry Bay approximately 800m southwest of Reen Point, 4.7km southwest of Whiddy Island and 10km southwest of Bantry town. A map showing the location has been included. The site is not located within a Natura 2000 site.
The onshore fish farming system is to be housed in existing buildings which were previously used for the processing of mussels. All of the existing infrastructure (buildings, sewerage treatment plant, intake and discharge pipes etc) will be required for the salmon farm. In addition 10 outdoor insulated tanks (20-22m diameter) will be required next to the existing building. Production levels of 3,300 tones of salmon per annum are expected from this facility and this facility will also include smelt production.
The project is being undertaken by a Norwegian company Niri AS which is based in Maloy on the west coast of Norway. Niri AS has a subsidiary in Ireland, Niri Seafood Ireland Ltd. AQUAFACT International Services Ltd., based in Galway have been retained by Niri Seafood Ireland Ltd. to prepare the Environmental Impact Statement for the project.
Onshore cosed containment fish farming systems can produce salmon and other species at lower cost than conventional sea cage farming. The facilities are easy to build and to operate. Fresh salmon from such production facilities will be cheaper delivered in the EU and other markets than salmon from Norwegians seas cages. Full-scale trials of the technology with salmon have been carried out successfully in Norway. A complete fish generation was reared from smolt to final harvesting. A veterinarian report described the fish as being “like wild salmon”, with a very attractive external appearance. In 2007/8, a Niri system was established in Norway for the production of high-quality salmon smolt which has and continues to operate flawlessly. Further details on the technology involved can be found in the accompanying scoping document [see link at end].
The Scoping Document outlines in more detail the nature of the project and the EIS for your information. A list of organizations and individuals being consulted is included. If you feel that there are other organizations or individuals that may have an interest in this development, I would be grateful if you could forward their names and addresses so I can contact them.
The company wants to make these plans known to facilitate public consultation at an early stage and permit the airing of concerns at this time, with a view to having these concerns addressed in the Environmental Impact Statement. I would therefore be grateful if you would forward to me any comments r concerns you might have on the proposed development at your earliest convenience within 4-6 weeks.
With your permission, any submission that you make will be included in the Environmental Impact Statement. If i have not received a reply within 6 weeks, I will take it that you or your organization has no comment to make regarding the proposal at this time. I would also like to take this opportunity to reassure you that your participation at this stage of the process will not affect your ability to comment on, support or oppose the project at a later stage in the EIA process.
If you have ay queries or would like to speak further on the subject please do not hesitate to call. You can contact me at 091-756812. Thank you for your co-operation
Yours sincerely
Dr. Caroline Roche (
AQUAFACT International Services Ltd.

Link to the Scoping Document.

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