Salmon Farming Kills - smoke on the waterInternational salmon activist Don Staniford is to speak at a public meeting in Bantry, County Cork on his current tour of Ireland.

Staniford, who has been described by aquaculture trade media as salmon farming’s “public enemy number one”, will be accompanied by Elena Edwards of the Canadian WILD SALMON FIRST! campaign and Dr. Roderick O’Sullivan, the author of the first study on salmon farming in Ireland in 1989.

In what is seen a major legal victory for anti-salmon farming activists, Staniford was last month cleared by the Canadian British Columbia Supreme Court of defamation for a series of shock ads.

Staniford says that ‘We need to speak for the salmon and stand tall against the Norwegian-owned corporations killing our wild fish, spreading infectious diseases and misinformation about the health of farmed salmon.’ For consumers, he says ‘the choice is clear: Quit eating farmed salmon or keep endangering the health of wild salmon and our global ocean.’

The meeting will be hosted by Save Bantry Bay in Bantry on Friday, 23 November 2012 at 7.30 PM in the Maritime Hotel.

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  1. He was in Ullapool last week – the fish farmers were invited but none of them turned up.
    I heard this from Reiner Luiken, who is with the german “Die Zeit”. Reiner is fighting for a World Heritage Status for Assynt and Coigach in Scotland (check that on Facebook)

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