Save Bantry Bay Press Release, 26 March 2013: Galway County Council votes against Europe’s largest salmon farm off Inis Oirr

Save Bantry Bay Press Release: Galway County Council votes against Europe’s largest salmon farm off Inis Oirr

26 March 2013

Save Bantry Bay welcomes the news that Galway County Council passed a motion against the proposed salmon farm in Galway Bay. We are confident that once the issue is properly debated other county councils will come to the same decision.

Since a similar salmon farm was proposed at Shot Head in Bantry we have been making information available to the public in order to inform them of the polluting side effects of this type of industry.

Salmon and sea trout angling alone is worth €230 million to the Irish economy. There would also be a knock on effect on the tourist, guesthouses and hotel industry. Existing jobs will be lost to the local economy and a foreign multinational will gain at our expense.

The decision of Galway County Council confirms the danger of allowing all decisions relating to aquaculture being taken by one minister. In this case the feelings of the public are being ignored and a proposal, which is meeting sharp resistance, is being bulldozed through, without the necessary checks and balances required in such a controversial proposal.

Some of our public representatives have taken the message on board and we request now that Cork County Council examines the matter and condemn the salmon farm proposal at Shot Head.

Kieran O’Shea,

Chairman Save Bantry Bay

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