Inland Fisheries Ireland publish statement on BIMs Fishfarm Proposal in Galway Bay

BIMs Fishfarm Proposal in Galway Bay

Wednesday, 22 May 2013 15:25


Does IFI have concerns regarding the proposal by BIM to locate a fish farm in Galway Bay?
IFI has expressed its concern in relation to the location and scale of the proposed fish farm in Galway Bay and how its development and operation would impact negatively on wild salmon and sea trout stocks and their habitat. IFI has also pointed out that the recognised negative impacts of sea lice on salmonids have not been adequately dealt with in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) or the associated Natura Impact Statement (NIS). Recent findings show sea lice to have devastating effects on wild salmon, accounting for up to 39% of salmon mortalities.

IFI has provided detailed guidance on the measures required to address its key environmental concerns as part of its submission regarding the EIS and NIS Statements attached to this licence application. The compelling international evidence available to inform this issue clearly illustrates the negative links between unsustainable salmon farming and wild salmon and sea trout stocks.

See IFIs submission and a Factsheet on the Impacts of Salmon Aquaculture on Wild Salmon and Sea Trout Stocks at
Press releases from IFI regarding the issues:

Has IFI received a response to its submission?
No response has been received to date.

Have IFI concerns in relation to the expansion of salmon farming as proposed been met?
No, IFIs concerns have not been met either by formal response or through the consultative process.

Is IFI in negotiations with BIM?
No, IFI is not in negotiations with BIM.

Has IFI had discussions with BIM?
IFI has offered its advice and shared its concerns relating to the associated NIS and EIS with BIM in discussions. This is not a negotiation, IFI is endeavouring to facilitate and foster an understanding of the issues raised in its submission to the EIS.

Does IFI have concerns regarding other aquaculture proposals?
As the state agency with responsibility for the protection, management and conservation of Ireland’s inland fisheries and sea angling resources, IFI has been a consistent supporter of a sustainably developed aquaculture sector in Ireland for many years.

IFI’s position is that all planned aquaculture developments must fully consider and mitigate against any potential adverse impact on wild salmon and sea trout stocks in surrounding waters.

The Board of IFI have previously recommended the establishment of an independent three person group to examine the whole area of wild salmonid / aquaculture interactions and make recommendations.

Why has IFI not appeared in public debates or on the Prime Time programme?
IFI has decided not to accept the opportunity to partake in public debate, as doing so might or be perceived as interfering in the formal review process which is on-going. IFI is satisfied that its submission, which is supported by international scientific studies, clearly sets out its concerns and recommended measures for mitigation.

Will IFI provide information or clarification in relation to its concerns?

IFI has informed the debate around this issue focusing on ensuring that any proposed salmon farm considers fully its impacts on wild salmonids; detailed information on IFI advice and observations in relation to this project are available on the IFI web site at

Specific questions not answered in this FAQ or in the papers available should be forwarded to

To see IFI webpage:

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