Undercurrent News, 29 Oct 2013: ISA suspected in northern Norway farms

ISA suspected in northern Norway farms

Undercurrent News, 29 Oct 2013

An outbreak of infectious salmon anemia (ISA) is suspected at two sites owned by Lofoten Sjoprodukter and Lofoten Salmon in Nordland, northern Norway.

Nordland has been home to five of the six ISA outbreaks confirmed in Norway so far this year.

The two farms — in Heldalen and Oterholmen, in Vestvagoy commune — have been cordoned off and no fish is allowed to be moved without special authorization, said the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

The area has been under control since May, when NFSA enforced a regulation to prevent, reduce and combat ISA in Vestvagoy after ISA was confirmed at a site in Kolvikodden.

In late July, Undercurrent News reported that six outbreaks of ISA had been confirmed so far this year in Norway, compared to only two in 2012, and only one in 2011.

ISA was the main virus affecting salmon in Norway for years, with the number of outbreaks in the two-digit range around the change of the century. After 2008, however, ISA in Norway experienced a clear retreat.

Instead, the most deadly and costly virus now plaguing salmon farms is pancreas disease. A total of 137 outbreaks of PD were recorded in 2012, and 20 so far this year.


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