West Cork Times: Marine Harvest Irish third quarter loses of €4 million to “exceptional mortalities”

Marine Harvest Irish third quarter loses of €4 million to “exceptional mortalities”

West Cork Times, 8 Nov 2013

Environmentalists claim losses show economic failure of open cage salmon farming.


MARINE Harvest, the Norwegian company who produce 80% of Ireland’s farmed salmon, have reported production down by 36% with exceptional loses of €4 million for 2013 Q3. Overall, the company posted loses of €2.7 million for the quarter, the only Marine Harvest operation internationally to report loses.

The details are given in the company’s third quarter report, published last week. The report refers to “challenging conditions” in Ireland and gave ‘exceptional mortality” as the cause of the loses.

Disease, parasites, and adverse biological events are cited.

The report records that, “The Board recognises the efforts made by the Irish team under challenging conditions.”

Tony Lowes from West Cork based environmental group Friends of the Irish Environment said that, “The industry is beginning to accept that closed containment systems, which are now coming into production around the world, are the only way forward.

“By separating the farmed fish from the natural environment, disease and parasites can be controlled without adverse effects on other species and the effluent recycled rather than polluting local waters.”


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