EU Fish News, 05 December 2013: Planning Granted for Land Based Salmon Farm

Planning Granted for Land Based Salmon Farm

EU Fish News, 5 December 2013

A COMPANY that is aiming to grow salmon in tanks in Argyll has received a major fillip, thanks to their plans for a 3,000 tonne salmon facility on the Kintyre Peninsular being given full planning consent.

If the company behind the idea, FishFrom, can raise the necessary funding, the land-based salmon farm will be the first of its kind in the UK. All production will happen in a controlled environment using the latest recirculation technology from Denmark and FishFrom plans to have its first fish on supermarket shelves in time for Christmas 2015.

Andrew Robertson, founder and director of FishFrom, says: “We are absolutely delighted that the planning committee of Argyll and Bute Council has given our plans their full backing and approval. Like us, they share a vision for how salmon farming in the UK can continue to innovate and develop. We are really excited to have the green light to move from plans on paper to making this innovative project a reality.”

FishFrom plan to start building in the spring of 2014 and, early the following year, will start to grow the first salmon smolts from 100 grams to 5kgs. The fish will grow in highly oxygenated, recirculated water free from predators and parasites. The latest recirculation aquaculture technology is being supplied by a Danish firm and as a consequence the Danish Government, through their export finance agency, EKF, is proposing provision of an AAA-rated guarantee of 80% of the debt finance.

Robertson added: “Land-based aquaculture has been around for thousands of years but now technology has been significantly enhanced for us to use on a commercial scale. The benefits are many and varied and makes for more than a compelling business proposition. Primarily we will create a complete biological firewall between the farm and the surrounding environment. This means that there will be no parasites getting in and no fish getting out. Interaction with the marine environment does not happen and all our waste streams are contained as well and re-used for biogas or fertiliser.”

The plant will be powered by roof-mounted photovoltaic panels installed by one of the UK’s leading renewable energy companies. Backup power will be in the form of two onsite generators to ensure production is maintained in the event of power cuts such as those experienced on the west coast last winter.

The fish will grow in an environment in which the temperature and light is maintained at optimum conditions for fish health and growth. As the fish grow they will be graded into different tanks until they reach their market weight of 5kg. At this point they will be harvested and processed into top quality salmon products. FishFrom aim to offer customers salmon from this farm in time for Christmas 2015.

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