Fish News, 17 Jan 2014: Europe Seeks Organic Boost

Europe Seeks Organic Boost

Fish News, 17 Jan 2014

THE EU has launched a project to identify obstacles in regulations and rules that must be changed to increase the production of organic aquaculture in Europe.

Many consumers want to buy organic fish, but in Europe it is still hard to find certified organic fish in the grocery shops, unlike organic milk, vegetables and meat.

“Based on official numbers, below one per cent of fish farmed globally today is organically produced,” says project leader Professor Ingrid Olesen at Nofima. “There are a lot of challenges, such as harmonizing the standards in such a way that it satisfies the views and principles of both producers and consumers.”

The complete project title of the EU-project is ‘OrAqua – European Organic Aquaculture – Science based recommendations for further development of the EU regulatory framework and to underpin future growth in the sector’.


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