Under Current News, 20 Jan 2014: Danish on-land salmon farm aims for 1,000t harvest

Danish on-land salmon farm aims for 1,000t harvest

Undercurrent News, 20 January 2014


Danish land-based salmon farm Langsand Laks has claimed to be the first commercial land-based operation able to produce 1,000 metric tons per year.

Its team of scientists and specialist fish farmers led by Thue Holm have created Oceanus, an environmentally friendly alternative to salmon farming as it removes all the negative impacts to oceans while creating a bio-secure environment to raise strong, healthy, premium quality salmon, the company claimed.

The farm’s recirculating aquaculture system recreates natural conditions on land, with living conditions optimized for growth. The water is continuously recycled and purified using filtration and UV treatment, before returning to fish tanks that reach up to 15m diameter x 6m deep.

This month Langsand Laks harvested its first batch of environmentally friendly Atlantic salmon – this year the facility will be harvesting 700t as it reaches full speed, it told Undercurrent News.

“Not only are we proud to lead the way in sustainable Atlantic salmon farming but we are proud of the excellent quality Atlantic salmon that we have been able to produce at Langsand Laks,” said CEO Thue Holm.

The CEO and entrepreneur drew together seafood producer and distributor Aquapri, smoking house Polar Salmon, wild fishing harvesters Sohn Invest and engineers Billund Aquaculture to cooperate on the project.

Norwegian salmon farmer Atlantic Sapphire has also been brought on board. Demand for this method of farming has been seen in Russia and China, though Sapphire has already begun plans to establish operations in North America.

Denmark has been ahead of the game in terms of on-land, RAS farming for some time. Farmer Danish Salmon plans to harvest its first batch of entirely land-raised fish in 2014, with production already sold to a subsidiary of Nippon Suisan Kaisha (Nissui).

See http://www.undercurrentnews.com/2014/01/20/danish-on-land-salmon-farm-aims-for-1000t-harvest/?utm_source=wysija&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=europe_newsletter_jan_20_2014

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