Galway Bay Against Salmon Cages Press Release: B.I.M.’s media consultants avoid the Insurance question

GALWAY BAY AGAINST SALMON CAGES Press Release: B.I.M.’s media consultants avoid the Insurance question

REPLY TO B. I. M’s PRESS RELEASE (20/ 1/ 2014)

The fundamental question Galway Bay Against Salmon Cages (G.B.A.S.C.) asked in our press release last week was:

If the Government holds the licence for the Galway Bay salmon farm will the Government also be the insurer?

And the taxpayer liable for the claims?

This very important question was avoided in the B.I. M. Press release. WHY ?
Have they something to hide?

Will the taxpayer once more be the fall guy and end up paying the insurance claims for open salmon cages? Is this the real reason that BIM is applying to its own minister for a licence rather than a private company?

Is it because the private company cannot get insurance for storm damage?

Unless there is clarity on the whole area of insurance and salmon farming then we suggest that the Public Accounts committee seek answers now before we the taxpayer are caught again.

On the wave heights, we would refer you to page 157 of the Environmental Impact Statement (E.I.S) ”that 75% of waves in Galway Bay are less than 1metre in height and waves with a significant wave height in excess of 3 metres are classed as being uncommon.”

So how can waves of 12 metres and over, be well within the parameters of the scenarios suggested in the E.I.S. ?

G.B.A.S.C. challenges B.I. M. to produce the data from the 2 sites in question, off Inverin and off Inis Oirr, if it exists, as the data was not published in their press release.

We note that in their statement they mention only 2 salmon cage installations, one in Kerry and the other in Mayo. Can BIM or Irish Farmers Association’s aquaculture section clarify whether any open salmon operations were impacted by the storms here in Ireland and which resulted in mortalities as occurred in Scotland and Norway with the loss of thousands of salmon that may impact on the genetic integrity of the wild salmon.

We also note that the B.I.M. press release was sent from a Dublin based P.R firm / consultants. We would like to know how much taxpayers’ money are B.I. M .paying to media consultants to promote a massive salmon farm in Galway Bay which we believe will be an environmental disaster waiting to happen.

Billy Smyth
Galway Bay Against Salmon Cages


Statement from Bord Iascaigh Mhara

Monday 20th January 2014

The contention by groups opposed to Salmon Farming that the recent storm would have damaged the structure of the salmon farm proposed for Galway Bay is speculative, misinformed and incorrect.

BIM knows the precise wave climate experienced at the location of the proposed fish farm as tthere was a measuring device on site during the storm.

The data buoy demonstrated that the wave conditions generated by the storm were well within the parameters of the scenarios suggested in our Environmental Impact Statement and would not have caused damage.

We also have had it confirmed to us by IFA Aquaculture that no damage was suffered by similar fish farms at Clare Island or Deenish Island in Kerry despite their being subjected to the same storm. Those sites have a similar exposure profile to our proposed Galway Bay site.

The unfortunate storm event has actually provided robust evidence that the proposed sites in Galway Bay are well suited as locations for a modern deep sea salmon farm.


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