9 February 2014

Storm Damage Gearihies 05 Feb 2014 001

Save Bantry Bay has called for a local salmon farming company to come clean on the number of fish that escaped in a storm over a week ago.

The group, which was formed two years ago to oppose further salmon farming in the area, released a statement saying that they ‘had been monitoring the situation since a storm on Saturday, 1 February.’ They say they are ‘surprised that the company has made no announcement.’

‘According to reports we have received, one of the four cages at Gerahies, Bantry Bay dragged its anchor, upending into another cage. This led to an immediate escape of between 60,000 and 80,000 one year old fish as well as an undetermined number of smaller fish.’

‘We are particularly concerned because of the very real likelihood of further escapees. The protective nets have been stripped by the gales and the seas are overtopping the cages, allowing salmon to escape and predators like seals to enter.’

‘Their licence requires that they report all escapes to the Department of Agriculture without delay and this information should be available to us all through the local media.’

The company must tell the public what is going on, even if they are unable to undertake a detailed survey of the remaining fish because of the unsettled weather. We need to know what measures the company is taking to prevent their further escapes.


The statement went on to explain that ‘The escape of farmed salmon is a potential disaster for our native wild stock.

‘These escaped fish interbreed and compete with wild salmon, transmitting disease and parasites to them. Farmed salmon compete with native stock for scarce food and irreversibly weaken the genetic makeup and survival of wild salmon if they reproduce with them.

‘Contained systems on land are the only way to protect the environment and raise salmon. It is clear now that the proposed expansion by Marine Harvest in Bantry Bay can not be defended’, the statement from the local group concluded.


The escape comes after a statement last month from BIM that the ‘storm event has actually provided robust evidence’ of the safety of salmon farms and allegations that opponents of farm salmon were scaremongering over the potential for escapees in the recent stormy conditions.


Secretary, Save Bantry Bay, Alec O’Donovan, 087 7949227 (mobile) or 027 50508

Chair, Save Bantry Bay, Kieran O’Shea, 086 1280303 (mobile) or 027 60121

Editors Notes:

Details of the impacts of escaped salmon

Click to access aj272e00.pdf

BIM Statement on ‘robust’ salmon farms,73451,en.html

SBB PR Storm damage and salmon farm escapes in Bantry Bay 9 Feb 2014

4 thoughts on “Press Release: CALL FOR FISH FARM ESCAPE DETAILS

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  3. Unfortunately or even Fortunately Nature has its own mind! Instead of putting these Farms who provide Income for lots of Families and also for the whole Supply Chain down! Rather think of these people! If all these Mussel farms and Salmon farms would go away? What is with those living from them (directly or indirectly)? Further a lot of foreigners started this palaver, though a lot of them only spend a couple of months here in there “HOLIDAY HOMES”! But people live here, have to survive the whole year! Of course some of the facts mentioned have there valid points, but some are just put out of proportion! Some of you should talk more to reliable sources and not just Google stuff!

    • Thank you for your comment.

      As noted in the planning application and environmental impact statement for the Shot Head salmon farm, it is only going to provide two permanent jobs. Two unskilled, minimum wage jobs. When considered against the potential job losses in in-shore fishing, angling, tourism and shellfisheries, it quickly becomes obvious that this development could result in a net loss of jobs.

      It is because of the wide ranging impacts, both economic and environmental that SBB gains support from such a diverse range of people. The vast majority are local residents, business owners, fishermen, potters, shell fisheries, anglers, environmentalists, and tourism operators. It is also true holiday home owners back the campaign.

      All information produced by SBB is evidence based. If you have any queries regarding claims made by SBB, or are interested in any of the scientific research papers, policy documents, law or other data cited, please do not hesitate to contact us. The email address is

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