Undercurrent News, 10 July 2014: Grieg manager given prison sentence over misleading lice reports

Grieg manager given prison sentence over misleading lice reports


Undercurrent News, 10 July 2014


A production manager at Grieg Seafood who filed misleading sea lice reports has been given a 30 day prison sentence, after Norwegian authorities reviewed an earlier court ruling to only fine the culprit, reports iLaks.no.


The female manager, who still is not named, has also been given 60 days probation.

In April it seemed she had escaped a prison sentence, receiving 75 days of probation and a NOK 20,000 fine. The prosecution had demanded 60 days of prison and 21 days of probation.


She had admitted to reporting fictitious lice level figures to the Norwegian National Food Safety Authority.


The court had said its verdict reflected the difficult situation that the manager was in when she was not given the information needed to report to the authority.


Authorities judging the appeal felt a harsher sentence was necessary to demonstrate aquaculture has to toe the line government sets.




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