E News, 11 Sept 2014: Fish ” Ebola ” threaten aquatic China stopped importing the whole Norwegian Salmon

Fish ” Ebola ” threaten aquatic China stopped importing the whole Norwegian Salmon


E News, 11 Sept 2014

Norway Video Security Bureau, said that since September 10, 2014 China will ban imports of Norwegian salmon whole . Oriental IC Data Figure

Ebola outbreak in West Africa , has claimed thousands of lives , and salmon will be infected with a virus similar to Ebola . Since the virus in fish high mortality , it is difficult to eradicate , widely spread , threatening salmon farming, China will stop imports of whole salmon from Norway. State authorities said good disease prevention is important for China ‘s salmon farming industry.

Reuters reported on September 8 , the Norwegian Food Safety Authority , said China since September 10 would ban the import of whole Norwegian salmon until the importer can prove that imported salmon is no ” infectious salmon anemia (infectious salmon anaemia) “virus ( hereinafter : ISA virus ) and other variants of the virus.

However, the Food Safety Authority , said part of the deal processed salmon , including no head, gills and viscera of salmon , you can continue to be shipped to China .

According to the British seafood industry related websites Undercurrent News reported that the cause of the incident may be due in the summer, China’s imports from Norway ISA virus was detected in salmon , so China’s State Administration of Quality Supervision , Inspection and Quarantine requirements of Norwegian salmon exporters to ensure that their production no ISA virus in areas to prevent the disease spread to China .

Surging News (www.thepaper.cn) from Shenzhen Bay Exit Inspection and Quarantine ( hereinafter: Shenzhen Bay Bureau ) official website has learned that the Shenzhen Bay Bureau May 8, 2014 release dynamic , said council staff from two batches ISA virus detected in imported chilled Atlantic salmon in Norway .

Accordingly, under the AQSIQ Food Authority issued the 2014 Risk Warning Notice No. 24 , requires port inspectionand quarantine agencies across the country need to be exported to China for the Norwegian chilled or frozen salmon each batch of ISA virus is detected , the detection of the product does not allow imports.

China ‘s requirement to comply with the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) regulations , when there communicable diseases , the state has the right to ensure the safety of eating salmon .

However, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (NFSA) said it could not make a corresponding commitment. Norwegian Food Safety Authority is responsible for fish health and the protection of human Fried Andersen (Friede Andersen) in the NFSA official website said: “Because of the presence of a non- European waters pathogenic ISA virusor slightly pathogenic variants, the variant in Europe sea ​​very common . ” Therefore, to ensure that exports of ISA infected salmon was unaffected waters produce a” relatively difficult ” .

Undercurrent News reports indicate that , in response to a question this summer NFSA AQSIQ , import charge NFSA ‘s Grethe Bynes said the Chinese side expressed the conclusion , ISA infected fish to the possibility of China ‘s great.

NFSA has asked the Chinese authorities to provide a corresponding comprehensive risk assessment report , and ask the specific requirements of salmon exports to China .

According to the official website of the Shenzhen Bay Bureau introduced , ISA farmed Atlantic salmon is emerging as a highly lethal disease , belongs to the World Animal Health (OIE) announced the list of animal diseases must be notified . Widespread transmission of the disease , the highest mortality rate for fish up to 100% . Fish infected with the disease can not for human consumption , once infected fish salmon farming industry will bring great harm.

The official website also introduced, for the first time three text infectious anemia was reported in Norway in 1984 , followed by the United States and Canada , and other countries of the North Atlantic have also appeared in this disease. In recent years, several emergency Norway official report to the OIE, ISA occurred much of the country . Not only that , the United Kingdom and Chile have repeatedly erupted this disease. Among them, the 2007 outbreak of infectious salmon anemia in Chile disease has seriously affected its 30 -year history of salmon export industry .

September 9 pm , surging news letter AQSIQ , ask questions ban on imports of Norwegian salmon , as of press time , has not yet received a reply.

( Original title : Fish ” Ebola ” threat aquaculture, the whole Norwegian Salmon exports to China banned )

Original link: http://news.163.com/14/0909/19/A5NN1RK100014SEH.html




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