SBB Objection to Shot Head Salmon Farm Proposal – Response to Foreshore Licence Application

Save Bantry Bay has submitted the following objection to the proposed salmon farm at Shot Head:

SBB objection foreshore licence application Sept 2014

SBB Objection to Shot Head salmon farm Oct 2014 – Appendix 1


The deadline for submissions and objections is 14 November 2014. They must include the reference t5/555 should be sent to

Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine

Aquaculture and Foreshore Management Division)

National Seafood Centre


Co. Cork


The Public Notice appeared in the Southern Star on 20 September 2014, Southern Star 20 Sept 2014 Dept Marine Shot Head Public Notice; and related materials can be downloaded here

Foreshore application statutory-consultee-observations Sept 2014

Foreshore application marine-engineering-divison-reports Sept 2014

The latest consultation follows an earlier round of consultation and publication of the Environmental Impact Assessment for the proposed salmon farm at Shot Head.

In the materials presented Marine Harvest answer various concerns raised during the consultation. However, there are many issues still outstanding. Most notably is a serious concern regarding wave exposure, and the ability of the equipment to withstand such pressures. This is of even great importance given this years storms and the escape of 230,000 salmon in Geahries in February 2014.

We ask all those of you who have voiced concerns to send them in writing now.  We are happy for people to used SBB materials within their objections, and recommend people add their own personal concerns within their letters.




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