Undercurrent News, 24 Oct 2014: Norway Looks Into Regulation For Land Based Aquaculture

Norway Looks Into Regulation For Land Based Aquaculture

Undercurrent News

24 Oct 2014


Norway’s industry and fisheries ministry has set up an expert committee to assess what regulations should apply for land-based aquaculture.

Technology for land-based salmon production is evolving, both in Norway and abroad, noted the fisheries minister Elisabeth Aspaker. “How we manage closed facilities on land in a growth perspective is something we would like to develop further.”

Land-based farms of salmon, trout and rainbow trout are currently overseen by the same rules and licensing system that apply for sea-based fish farming.

The working group will also look at the economic consequences of new proposals for the existing salmon and trout farming industry in Norway.

It will deliver its conclusions in a report on Jan. 15, 2015, which will be part of the upcoming parliamentary report on growth in aquaculture.




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