EU Fish News, 16 Dec 2014: Jellyfish kill 300,000 salmon

Jellyfish kill 300,000 salmon

EU Fish News, 16 Dec 2014


Loch Duart, the Scottish salmon producer, has revealed that it lost 300,000 salmon to a swarm of jellyfish last month.

Large numbers of mauve stinger (Pelagia noctiluca) jellyfish were spotted at the company’s sites in Loch Maddy in North Uist on 19th November. About the size of gooseberries, they were able to pass through the nets into the salmon cages.
Loch Duart Managing Director, Nick Joy, who visited the affected sites two days later, said: “The poor fish, unable to swim well, were trapped against the net and a very significant number died. We have now removed almost all of the dead fish and only about half remain. Around 300,000 of our wonderful young salmon have died due to this event.
“Whilst this is clearly a terrible blow for our company, our thoughts are with David MacIver and his team in Loch Maddy who have watched the fish, that they have nurtured and grown, devastated by this terrible event…Clearly we will have to focus closely on health and fish growth to ensure the best performance over the next year.”

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