Undercurrent News January 7, 2015: Norwegian Entrepreneur To Invest In Orkla Backed Land Based Salmon Project

Norwegian Entrepreneur To Invest In Orkla Backed Land Based Salmon Project

January 7, 2015, 9:41 am

Undercurrent News

Norwegian entrepreneur Bard Eker has joined a pool of investors backing a new land based salmon farming project in southeastern Norway, reported Norwegian media.

The 53-year-old, who is best known for his involvement in the boat and car businesses Hydrolift and Koenigsegg, will join an investment round of NOK 230 million ($29.5m) for Fredrikstad Seafood, reported the national broadcaster NRK, citing the business newspaper Finansavisen.

Founded by Erik Heim, Fredrikstad Seafood applied last September for a license to farm 3,600 metric tons of salmon on land, according to iLaks.no.

Heim, who holds approximately 10% in the business, hopes the license will be in place by February, wrote NRK.

According to iLaks, Fredrikstad Seafood is also backed by Orkla Eiendom via Fredrikstad Innovasjonspark, and by Brazilian-owned Denofa. Several local investors are also on board, Heim told iLaks. These include Bockmann Holding, said NRK.




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