Undercurrent News, 16 Jan 2015: Experts advise free, unlimited licenses for Norway’s onshore aquaculture

 Experts advise free, unlimited licenses for Norway’s onshore aquaculture

January 16, 2015

Undercurrent News

A Norwegian working group tasked with assessing the feasibility of onshore aquaculture has recommended that the sector be given licenses for free, reported Sysla.no.

The permits should be separate from those for sea-based aquaculture, and their numbers should not be limited, Jens Christian Holm, leader of the group and director at the Fisheries Directorate, said in a press release.

Adding fees could hinder competitiveness and profitability, said Holm, who described the working group’s conclusions as unanimous and clear.

Torbjorn Trondsen, professor at the Norwegian College of Fishery Science, told Sysla.nohe welcomed the report’s conclusions.

Trondsen believes the growth of aquaculture in Norway has to be on land. Onshore aquaculture has the potential to solve many of traditional aquaculture’s environmental challenges, including for sea lice, and the report’s suggestions pave the way for it to become a reality, he told to the news website.

The professor has calculated that the added costs of being onshore would be at most NOK 5 per kilo. “An industry that has margins of NOK 25 per kilo can tolerate this.”



Click here to read the full story (in Norwegian).

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