Green Warriors, Norway: New Video – Salmon farming kills the shrimp and lobster in Norway

Norwegian salmon farmers are dumping tonnes of polluted sea water along the Norwegian coast. Chemicals for lice treatments are supposed to kill the salmon lice, but in addition it kills all shell animals in the sea, like shrimp and lobster. The lobster and shrimp catch has been radically reduced the last years, after the salmon farmers intensified the use of the lice poison. Marine shell animals are extremely vulnerable for the poison, and are found killed up to 1000 meters or more from the dumping areas. Green Warriors of Norway ask the Norwegian fishery authorities to investigate the effects of the poison in the marine environment. Green Warriors of Norway want a stop in the treatment like it’s performed today, and demand that the salmon farmers bring the poisonous water on land for destruction. Now the shell animals are under a big threat for extinction.


Watch the video here

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