Battle for Galway Bay won by people power – war against marine salmon farming to continue.

Galway Bay Against Salmon Cages (GBASC) welcomes statement from BIM, withdrawing their 15 thousand tonne (7.2million fish) Galway Bay salmon farm application.

A huge amount of tax payers money has been wasted by BIM and other State agencies over the last 3 years on this flawed application. Questions have now to be asked of Minister Simon Coveney and BIM why they persisted for 3 years, when they knew there was such huge opposition against it. We call on Minister Coveney to resign and those responsible in BIM to be sacked over this fiasco.   The Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) compiled by BIM was flawed from the start. It didn’t indicate where fresh water to treat Amoebic Gill Disease (AGD) was going to be sourced from. There was no way that sea lice on farmed salmon, concentrated in open cages, could ever be controlled without the use of toxic pesticides, which in turn kill Shrimp, Prawn, Lobster and Crab. The spectre of Ebola type diseases also hangs over this industry daily with the threat of the destruction of wild stocks of fish with the lack of isolation.  The EIS had many more flaws, too numerous to mention here.  GBASC are concerned that under the new guidelines and after a general election, BIM would then apply with a new proposal which will destroy the marine environment and the wild salmon and sea trout stocks of all rivers flowing into Galway Bay. The clear scientific evidence from existing salmon rearing installations in Connemara and elsewhere clearly shows the destruction of wild salmon and sea trout stocks as well as inshore crustaceans.

GBASC would like to re-iterate that we will oppose with the same vigour any new salmon farm application for Galway Bay, as the open cage salmon farm industry is completely unsustainable, and the current government and salmon farming industry’s attempts to pass off  ‘Organic Salmon’ as being healthy / sustainable to either the environment, or consumers, is fundamentally flawed.

Billy Smyth wishes to thank all those who supported the campaign, politicians locally, nationally or at E.U. level, those that provided finance and especially those people that worked in State bodies, together with our supporters in areas where fin fish farming is practised at the moment along the west coast. Because of intimidation some people from within the salmon farming industry were afraid to publically support us but nevertheless provided us with inside knowledge of the workings of the fin fish industry.

The battle for Galway has been won today because of persistent people power ,however, the war will continues until all salmon rearing installations are removed from the Irish marine- its bay and estuaries.

Billy Smyth

Chairman, Galway Bay Against Salmon Cages

10 Colmans Rd,



Phone 08635116

Brian Curran PRO

Phone 0872509722

One thought on “Battle for Galway Bay won by people power – war against marine salmon farming to continue.

  1. Congrats to all

    A momentous achievement by all concerned that thwarted stupidity and showed how one state agency ( inland fisheries ) could stand up with their principles intact!

    All the best,

    From John Moreheads mobile svc Wain Morehead Architects ltd.

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