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BIM wants to expand salmon farming in Ireland, but can they answer the following questions?

  1. Why do they promote a product that carries a health warning in America?
  2. Why are salmon farms banned in 29 Norwegian fjords and 52 rivers?
  3. Why did Nova Scotia recently refuse expansion of salmon farming in Shoal Bay?
  4. Why did the Cohen Commission in Canada recently recommend a moratorium on salmon farming in the Frazer River?
  5. Why is Inland Fisheries Ireland against salmon farms in salmon and sea trout estuaries?
  6. Why did an Irish government commissioned study recommend a minimum distance of 20 kilometres between salmon farms and salmon rivers?
  7. Why did the Irish government introduce a moratorium on salmon farms in 2010 as part of the National Development Plan?
  8. Why is there no mention of the ISA virus in BIM literature promoting salmon farms?
  9. Why does one Irish government minister have almost total control over the total salmon farming licensing process from:
    • Making judgment on required assessments
    • Issuing of salmon farm licenses
    • Appointing all members to Licensing Appeal Board
  10. Why do BIM depend on one limited Irish study on sea lice and ignore worldwide peer related published research?
  11. Why do they put an established €230 million angling industry at serious risk with consequent loss of hundreds of existing jobs?
  12. Why did the sea trout catch in Connemara decline from an average of 4,000 per year to an average of 420 following the introduction of salmon farming in 1984?
  13. Why describe a food product which is treated with synthetic chemicals as ‘organic’?
  14. Why promote a product which relies on unsustainable sea fisheries for fish meal, puts additional pressure on already strained stocks?
  15. Why are they ignoring environmental issues?

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