Organic Farmed Salmon – not the Healthy Choice

Who is challenging Marine Harvest and the Aquaculture Lobbies on their misguided and possible dangerous advertising ?
By Brendan O’Keeffe MD CCD[ISCD]
Mr Maguire of BIM used similiar talking points when criticizing  Dr. Roderick O’Sullivan’s article on farmed salmon in Inshore-Ireland. Mr. Maguire said  “We don’t use  hormones, GM or X-rays”. However many of the eighteen chemicals they use for numerous diseases these cooped up Organic Farmed Salmon are hormone disrupters and can cause fish to grow faster. Practically all corn and soya on the world market are GM (, corn and soya are fed to Organic Farmed Salmon. The industry often run salmon through radiation tubes to sterilize the salmon.
Only a little of the omega-3 in Organic Farmed Salmon is converted to the active form, DHA and EPA, because of the excessive amount of omega-6 (AA). This omega-6 in Organic Farmed Salmon uses all the enzyme leaving little or none of this enzyme to convert the omega-3 to healthy DHA and EPA. Therefore they cannot say Organic farmed salmon has a healthy level of omega-3. Farmed has 30% less omega-3 than wild salmon to begin with. [Prof. Floyd Chilton, Johns Hopkins and Wake Forrest Uni. “The Salmon Paradox” page 88.]
Organic Farmed Salmon has double the fat content of its wild “twin”.
Healthy levels of vit D? Not so. Farmed salmon has 60 IUs of vit D per 6 ozs. The ISCD indicates you would need up to 2-3,000 IUs per day. A wild salmon has 10 times more vit D than a farmed salmon. Dye is added to Organic farmed salmon. The dye is usually a petroleum synthetic. Cantrazanthin dye some times used, causes crystals in the eye and is banned in some countries. Astazanthin that gives the wild salmon its color is the most unique anti oxidant discovered to date. Organic Farmed salmon are a pasty white without the dye.
Organic Farmed Salmon have 1,300 mgs of omega-6 (AA) per 4 ozs, wild Chinook has 175 mgs. Consumption of more than 100 mgs of omega-6 (AA) per day predisposes one to Rheumatoid Arthritis and all diseases associated with inflammation.
These are only some of the reasons Organic Farmed Salmon may not be the “Healthy Choice” they say it is and why you need to question the science behind the advertising. Yet this may be the good news when compared to the amount of toxic chemicals, vaccines and viruses accumulating in Organic Farmed Salmon, to be outlined in next article.

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