Posted in March 2012

Meeting Lists the Facts against Salmon Farm

Meeting Lists the Facts against Salmon Farm

Almost 200 people attended the public meeting for supporters of the opposition to a new salmon farm in Bantry Bay at the Glengariff Eccles Hotel last Saturday. The committee of the group Save Bantry Bay called the meeting for supporters of their protest. The evening was chaired by Kieran O´Shea. Representatives of   the Federation of Irish Salmon … Continue reading

200 attend Save Bantry Bay Meeting in Glengarriff

Today´s Irish Examiner writes about Save Bantry Bay´s supporter meeting in Glengarriff: Fisheries official angry at being told to leave meeting  A Bord Iascaigh Mhara employee was asked to leave a public meeting hosted by a group opposed to a planned €3.5m fish farm. BIM regional development officer David Millard had questioned the accuracy of … Continue reading

Irish Examiner: Local lobbyists swimming against political tide

Irish Examiner: Local lobbyists swimming against political tide

The Irish Examiner writes today: Local lobbyists swimming against political tide By Claire O’Sullivan MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2012 TRADITIONAL fishermen, anglers and sailors, bed and breakfast-owners, hoteliers, harbour commissioners and environmentalists along with peninsula residents — it’s a disparate bunch. But that’s a cross-section of the support lining up alongside a Save Bantry Bay lobby group in West Cork. Save Bantry Bay was … Continue reading

Public Meeting in Glengarriff to safeguard Bantry Bay

A public meeting of Save Bantry Bay supporters will be held on Saturday 24th March in the Eccles Hotel, Glengarriff at 8.15 pm. The purpose of the meeting is to consider the threat to local jobs, tourism, the environment and the brand name ‘’Bantry Bay’’ by the proposed salmon farm at Shot Head. Everybody welcome. Please canvass … Continue reading

Feed Conversion Ratio: Tales and Facts

Feed Conversion Ratio: Tales and Facts

The fish farming industry argues that salmon is an incredibly efficient eater, with a feed conversion rate of about 1.2 to 1 compared with 8 to 1 for land-based animals such as cattle. This, however, is a slightly misleading argument. The feed conversion ratio (FCR) or feed conversion efficiency (FCE), to define it simply, is … Continue reading

Organic Farmed Salmon – not the Healthy Choice

Who is challenging Marine Harvest and the Aquaculture Lobbies on their misguided and possible dangerous advertising ? By Brendan O’Keeffe MD CCD[ISCD] Mr Maguire of BIM used similiar talking points when criticizing  Dr. Roderick O’Sullivan’s article on farmed salmon in Inshore-Ireland. Mr. Maguire said  “We don’t use  hormones, GM or X-rays”. However many of the eighteen chemicals they use … Continue reading

Irish Examiner: "Trinkets to the Natives"

Fish farm company accused of trying to ‘buy’ community By Claire O’Sullivan   Irish Examiner, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 07, 2012   Residents in West Cork, opposed to the development of a €3.5m fish farm by one of the world’s biggest aquaculture companies, have accused the developers of trying to “buy” the local community “with trinkets”. The comments … Continue reading

Senator O’ Donovan:  In Reverse Gear?

Senator O’ Donovan: In Reverse Gear?

Bantry based Senator Denis O’ Donovan (FF) has been seen as the first supporter of the proposed Marine Harvest salmon farm at Shot Head, Adrigole.  SAVE BANTRY BAY contacted Senator O`Donovan and asked him to explain his views to the electorate:  You have been quoted in the Southern Star as follows:  “Locally, the Fianna Fáil … Continue reading