23 Oct 2013: Marine Harvest’s Report for Third Quarter 2013 shows significant losses

Marine Harvest’s Report for Third Quarter 2013 shows significant losses

23 Oct 2013

Publication of Marine Harvest’s third quarter report for 2013 shows that operations have suffered considerably over recent months.

It states:

Operationally, the third quarter was a very challenging quarter for the Irish unit. Pancreas Disease (PD) severely affected 2 sites, while high occurrences of jelly fish and algal blooms were reported across all regions, resulting in elevated mortality. Treatments have been successful, but water temperatures reaching 21 degrees at peak contributed to treatment losses. Exceptional mortality recognised in the period, amounted to NOK 33 million (NOK 14 million).

The Board recognises the efforts made by the Irish team under challenging conditions.

Today Marine Harvest run approximately 75% of Ireland’s salmon farming. This is not the first instance of disease and environmental problems affecting the profitability of their salmon farming. Last year saw outbreaks of Amoebic Gill Disease, and 2012 saw toxic algal blooms. It seems most years experience ‘exceptional’ difficulties, raising the question of the long term profitability of salmon farming.

You can download the Marine Harvest Q3 Report 2013, to learn more about Ireland’s salmon farming performance in recent months.

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