Public Eye Awards, 12 Dec 2013: Marine Harvest nominated

Marine Harvest: Nominated for Public Eye Awards

PUBLIC EYE AWARDS: Corporate Accountability here and now!

Exploitative working conditions, environmental sins, intentional disinformation, or other human rights violations: In advance of the World Economic Forum (WEF) a shortlist of those companies with the worst corporate social responsibility records will be put to vote on the Public Eye website.

And those singled out will surely feel the heat: Our renowned naming & shaming awards shine an international spotlight on corporate scandals and thereby help NGO campaigns succeed.


Exorbitant use of pesticides, colouring agents and antibiotics, as well as the over population of salmon cages has severe consequences on people and the environment.

The Norwegian Marine Harvest Group is the world’s largest salmon farming company. In its home country, Marine Harvest presents itself as a green and transparent firm. In Chile, however, the company’s irresponsible business practices in combination with weak legislation have resulted in environmental catastrophes and social injustice.

The company capitalizes on the application of low standards and violations of labour, health and environmental legislation. Marine Harvest is jeopardizing the lives and habitat of indigenous people by polluting their environment and putting them out of small-scale fishing.

When fjords are too contaminated by the industry’s waste, they are simply left behind as ‘ecological cemeteries’, while the company moves on towards the south, into the still intact world of Patagonia.

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