Inshore Ireland, 28 May 2014: Ireland’s sea fisheries CEO steps down

Ireland’s sea fisheries CEO steps down

Written by Gillian Mills

The Board of Directors (BIM), the Irish Sea Fisheries Board has announced the resignation of their Chief Executive Officer, Jason Whooley, effective from August 30,2014.

The Board praised Mr Whooley for the ‘wide-ranging positive changes he has made to the organisation during his tenure’ and the ‘valuable contribution he has made towards the development of the Irish Seafood Sector’.


Jason Whooley steps down as BIM chief executive end of August

“Since joining BIM, Jason has led the refocusing of the agency into the modern semi-state company that we see today. On behalf of the Board, I would like to sincerely thank Jason for his work in BIM. I know that he is leaving BIM with a legacy of change and increased ambition,” remarked Kieran Calnan, Chairman of the Board.

“The BIM strategy to which he has contributed enormously remains our key focus and BIM will continue to lead the industry forward to take advantage of the global opportunity for Irish seafood. I wish him every success in his future career,” he added.

Mr Whooley praised the staff of BIM and the industry.

“The staff in BIM have an incredible knowledge of the industry; they are dedicated and passionate about what they do and this, together with innovative thinking makes BIM a great organisation.

“I would like to personally thank all of the people in BIM and in our industry for their support during my term as CEO. I have enjoyed my time in BIM and I know the organisation will continue to build on its strong tradition and deliver further growth in the seafood sector.”

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